A logo is a visual representation of you and your business. Make sure it´s done well. The logo should give insight to what the company represents and delivers without any extra explanation. It should also be recognizable on a very small scale, and the shape of the logo should be so unique that it will work many colors.
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Web design

Need a website or a landing page? We make affordable websites that looks smashing with everything you need. Most of our sites are also easy for yourself to manage after the build.
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We provide photography for various projects to suit your need and budget. We mostly do portraits and portraits at different locations. Employee portraits, head shots, family portraits and portraits that tells a story. Also modeling portraits to showcase products etc. We also do location photography, cover events, and some product photography.
See examples of work here

Prints and design

We provide all kinds of design for printed material and brand identity designs. Stationery, business cards, brochures, menus, signage, magazines, book covers and layout, T-shirt designs, posters, flyers. You name it we can design it.
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Sometimes you need something unique to demonstrate your vision, idea or project. We provide custom illustrations in digital or paper format. Illustrations for books, instructions, signage, for articles and much more. See previous work here

Film production

Ah yeah! Video promos, short film, films for social media, weddings, sports events, music videos. Raw footage, or fully edited with cool effects and slow motion. This will be D.O.P.E!
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D.O.P.E. Productions is a newly started California Media Production company registered 2018. We provide media, web, design, film and photography services both  to local and international clients via web communication. Get in touch here to know more.